IMG_6696-Edit-Edit_pp_origweb2Hi and thanks for dropping by my website.

Now enjoying the wonderful life and weather in Florida. The joys of retirement!! So many distractions here, friends, parties, bridge, golf and line-dancing that my sixth book 'MEET & DELETE' has taken longer to write than it should have. However, almost finished now.

My last novel ' THE BIRTHDAY GIRLS', which is based  in
                                              Florida, was published June 2013 and is available on Kindle.         

I love hearing from all my readers and appreciate it when you sign my guest book or post a review on Amazon.  Hope you enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them.

                                                                                          Best wishes,       Pauline xx  

                                         THE  BIRTHDAY GIRLS

he Birthday Girls is about four Irish women who met on their very first day at school. Friends ever since they have celebrated every significant birthday together. 
As their 39th approaches, ANGEL
now a famous Hollywood actress, announces that this is the last birthday she will celebrate. She believes admitting to being 40 in Hollywood is professional suicide.
LEXI, now a wealthy artist, offers to host a big 39th party for the four of them in her palatial home in Florida. MEL arrives from New York where she is a high-flying partner in a famous law-firm.
BRENDA, the only one left in Ireland, is a stay-at-home mum-of-five whose marriage is in trouble. She is thrilled when Lexi sends her a ticket to travel to Florida for her first-ever foreign holiday.
What should be a fabulous week turns somewhat sour and brings happiness and second chances for some and tragedy for others. The week ends disastrously and tests their friendship to the limit. But 35 years of friendship cannot surely end like this, can it?


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